Wash day blues will be no more at the Maxfield Park Children’s Home following the recent presentation of gifts of washing machines, irons, and ironing boards by GK Capital Management Limited.

In handing over the items, Steven Whittingham, managing director of GK Capital, indicated that the items were selected in order to make laundry care at the institution less time-consuming.

“We wanted to make a real difference in the running of the home, so we consulted with the staff at Maxfield Park and learnt that they were in need of a washing machine to replace ones which were in disrepair. This will help the staff devote more of their time to other areas of the operations where there are greater needs,” he said.

GK Foods contributed to the donation with a variety of Grace products such as corned beef, baked beans, flaked tuna, jack mackerel, Vienna sausages, and other food items. Children of GK Capital management staff also donated new toys for the home.

Karol Hernandez, a director of the board of Maxfield Park, was excited about receiving the gifts. “I thought we were going to receive only one machine. I was so overjoyed to see not one, but two machines, plus all these irons. These are very practical gifts and we are very grateful,” Hernandez said.

“We really, truly appreciate all the gifts. These will help us to be more efficient with taking care of the children’s clothes, and allow us to structure the laundry arrangements better,” she added.

Maxfield Park Children’s Home was established in 1918 and currently houses children in need of care and protection. The children range in age from birth to 18 years old. The facility currently houses 105 children.

GK Capital Management Limited is the investment and advisory arm of GraceKennedy Limited established in 2014. It offers an exclusive suite of products and services that efficiently cater to corporate and individual investors.


Source: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/news/20171229/gk-capital-brings-joy-maxfield-park-childrens-home