GK Capital has a suite of products and services tailored to develop solutions for clients, based on their particular needs. Our mission is to provide trusted advice, finance innovative projects, create world class investment products, facilitate transformational transactions and fund extraordinary growth.

With a talented team and a fair level of flexibility to develop solutions, we are well positioned to help our clients achieve their goals. Whether through the deployment of proprietary capital, the raising of funds in the local and international capital markets or through our advisory services, our innovative strategies help ensure the success of our clients and partners.

Our ability to effectively support our client base is driven by a few key factors:

Diversification: We offer a wide range of financial products and services that are designed to meet the needs of our client base.

Performance Excellence: We effectively utilize the extensive financial and advisory experience of our team to guide our clients.

Flexibility: We embrace a lean business model focused on the use of technology which allows us to efficiently deliver high quality solutions to our clients.

Relationships: We leverage an extensive global network built around the strength of one of the Caribbean’s leading conglomerates, GraceKennedy.