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With one of the largest commercial lease portfolios in Jamaica, the GK Capital Group has an active leasing business which offers an attractive alternative to traditional bank financing. Competitive rates on up to 100% financing and the associated tax benefits with finance leases are just a few reasons why our leasing product is such a compelling offer.


Our leasing options allow you to acquire productive assets such as heavy duty equipment and machinery, vehicles or other assets to be utilized in your business with minimum up-front capital cost. Upon timely approval of your credit application, we will finance the purchase of the required asset in exchange for monthly payments over a fixed term. At the end of the lease period the asset will be transferred to your ownership.



Tax Savings

A major benefit of finance leasing is the available tax shield, since the lease payments are treated as an operating expense and the full amount of the asset can be included on your income statement as a tax deductible expense over the lease period.


Cash Flow

Pay for the asset over time as income is generated from its use. For example, if your company bids on contracts that have predictable cash flow and a fixed term, it is very efficient to get the required equipment under a lease. This will tie the cost of the equipment directly to the project, allowing you to preserve your working capital by using the project funds to pay for the asset at almost no additional cost to you.


Added Credit Availability 

Retain your bank borrowing capacity for other needs.



Asset leased is the collateral for the transaction.


What we offer

  • Up to 100% of asset value
  • Up to five years financing
  • Financing for assets being acquired or refinancing of existing assets